By doing yoga, not only the body is healthy, but the mind also remains calm. Yoga is considered beneficial to fight many diseases. Yoga can be very effective for Thyroid. Although thyroid can be prevented in many ways, but thyroid can be got rid of by doing yoga.

Some people adopt home remedies for thyroid, but can there be anything better than yoga. There are many ways of doing yoga these days. The importance of yoga increases in view of our lifestyle nowadays.

Thyroid issue is a primary endocrine issue influencing millions over the globe. The predominance of the sickness is clearer in ladies than in men. One out of ten Indians experiences the ill effects of thyroid affliction. At the point when an individual has an issue with their thyroid, it can influence both their physical and emotional wellness. Yoga helps relieve several symptoms of thyroid disorders, like insomnia, restlessness, fatigue, anxiety and weight gain.

In thyroid problem, the thyroid gland in the body starts producing more thyroid hormone. Due to which many kinds of problems start surrounding the person. If the thyroid is not treated at the right time, then the risk of heart disease starts looming. But doing yoga along with medicines in thyroid can also be beneficial. So let’s know those yoga asanas, which will benefit the body.

These yoga poses are effective for thyroid

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Thyroid can be got rid of by Viparita Karni Yoga. Daily practice of this yoga can also give you relief from back pain and knee pain. It is very easy to practice this yoga asana. This yoga posture can be very beneficial for thyroid patients.


Balasana is also known as Child’s Pose. By doing this asana, one gets relief from the problem of stress or hypertension. By doing this asana, the circulation of blood occurs smoothly throughout the body. By doing Balasana, attention is paid to the process of breathing, which helps in reducing stress and tension.


Thyroid can be prevented by practicing Sarvangasana. This is a yoga done with the support of the shoulders. While doing this, the weight of the whole body comes on the shoulders and this affects the whole body. While practicing Sarvangasana, there is an emphasis on the neck and shoulders. This can not only strengthen your shoulders but can also help in improving digestion.


Shavasana is very beneficial for relaxing the body and giving peace to the mind. Shavasana helps in relieving complaints of high blood pressure and insomnia. It is very easy to do this asana.


There are many benefits of Matsyasana. Many problems can be overcome by practicing this asana. This easy can not only help in thyroid, but it can also provide relief in back pain, as well as the tension in the neck, waist can be removed. This asana can also be done for the problem of constipation.