Some people do not do yoga because they think that yoga is very difficult or they will not be able to do it. Some people start yoga with some yoga poses which are a bit difficult and provide difficulty in doing it in the beginning, due to which they leave yoga.

Yoga is a very traditional medium to keep the body healthy. From Pranayama to Surya Namaskar and through various asanas, all parts of our body are exercised. Many yoga asanas are helpful in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. At the same time, yoga also saves us from many life-threatening diseases ranging from respiratory problems. In this lockdown period, many people who did not do yoga earlier have started doing it now. Such people must have knowledge of some basic things.

When I started doing yoga, I also faced a lot of problems. When a person starts a new job, he faces problems. The new person does not know what to do and what not to do.Sometimes the new person also lacks the right knowledge, due to which he does not get the right results on time and sometimes he also stops doing the new work.

The practice of yoga should always be started with some easy yoga poses because it can be a bit difficult to do it for the first time. If you are going to start doing yoga, then you can practice the yoga postures given below, then they are very easy and are also beneficial for health. Here I am sharing Yoga Tips for Beginners with all of you so that no one else has a problem like me.

Points To Remember While Doing Yoga

  • Do not wear tight clothes while doing yoga: By doing this, there is a fear of tearing the clothes during the stretching of the muscles of the body. Plus, tight clothes don’t let you do a lot of yoga moves. Wearing tight clothes can make it difficult for you to do asanas.
  • Become a regular yogi
  • Be light
  • Warm-up before going to yoga mat
  • A smile that lasts for miles
  • Choosing the right time to do yoga: To do yoga, choose a time when you are absolutely free. It is much better to do yoga in the morning, because you have this time for these seven days.
  • Do yoga every day at the appointed time, it keeps energy in the body and gives full benefits.
  • Clean and quiet environment: Clean environment and calm environment is better for doing yoga. During the lockdown, you can do yoga on the terrace of the house early in the morning.
  • You will get open air on the terrace, which will bring full benefits of yoga asanas.
  • Yoga and food: It is better if yoga is done in the morning on an empty stomach. If this is not possible, then keep a gap of at least three hours between yoga and food. You can eat some time after doing yoga, but do not eat three hours before that.
  • However, you can do Vajrasana immediately after the meal, which is beneficial in digesting food.

Today we will tell you about the easy yoga asanas for starters, as well as the health benefits you get from it. So let’s know what are those yoga postures for the best start?

  • Adho Mukha Svanasana Yoga
  • Tadasana Yoga
  • Sukhasana Yoga
  • Shavasana Yoga
  • Virabhadrasana Yoga
  • Vrikasana Yoga
  • Setubandhasana Yoga
  • Trikonasana Yoga
  • Bhujangasana Yoga
  • Balasana Yoga

If you are completely new to yoga or are just starting to practice yoga for the first time, then there are many yoga poses that you need to learn so that you can do them easily. Whether you are doing yoga in a yoga class or at home or doing yoga in your office chair.