The practice of prenatal yoga has become widespread nowadays because of its profound benefits during pregnancy and childbirth. Several mothers have quoted how it has helped them connect with their child and during labour. A well-known Gynaecologist talks about how his patients through various stages of pregnancies have found support through yoga. Here is a detailed account of how prenatal yoga can help.

Prenatal Yoga offers Clarity and calmness.

Pregnancy is a golden time that every woman graciously embraces. However, even through this beautiful phase, there is so much a woman’s mind, and body goes through. There are so many things she just does not have control over like morning sickness, fatigue, mood swings and others. Her body is a cocktail of hormones putting her through an emotional upheaval mainly affecting her mood and clarity. Prenatal yoga will help mothers-to-be in keeping them calm, centered and focused. Breath is the key to keeping you cool, relieving nervousness and anxiety. You will feel strong, capable and ready for birth. Since most of the issues are stress related, they can be treated very well with yoga as it brings down your anxiety levels. It helps you let go and experience harmony.

Helps Alleviate Pains

The most significant benefit that one can expect out of prenatal yoga is that it helps alleviate back and hip pain which a large number of women suffer from especially during their third trimester. The breathing exercises incorporated into your routine during your yoga teacher training in Goa stimulate your parasympathetic nervous system. It increases the blood flow to your abdomen which reduces pain and helps you calm down. It is also helpful for your unborn baby during times of stress that your body experiences. Prenatal yoga is also known to reduce pregnancy complications.

In this blog, you will also learn hypnobirthing techniques which combined with the focusing on breath help make the pain of labour contractions bearable. Although you cannot avoid all complications of pregnancy, prenatal yoga helps keep you fit and flexible. As your hips and ribs begin to spread, prenatal yoga becomes very important to maintain strength. It also reduces the chances of pre-term labour and hypertension resulting from pregnancy. It also reduces the likelihood of developing gestational diabetes and thyroid issues.

Helps you recharge

As you begin feeling fatigued during your pregnancy, there is no exercise better and safer than prenatal yoga to help you feel refreshed. It helps improve your immunity, blood circulation, and self-confidence.

Yoga Poses for Pregnant Women

Of course, during your pregnancy, you cannot strain your body too much. Try to avoid complicated poses like Vinyasa and keep it minimalistic like a beginner. The most important are breathing exercises like Pranayama. Check with your obstetrician first and perform asanas within your limitations. Here is a list of poses that you can practice during pregnancy:

Badakonasana: This one poses you can practice during the entire 9 months.

Upavistakonasana: This is an asana that you can practice during the first and the second trimester.

Cat or Tiger breathing:  this is another pose you can practice throughout your pregnancy.

Always make sure you practice under the supervision of a trained expert.

Yoga will also help you recover faster after you have given birth and get you moving. As you practice with your eye closed, you will be able to ‘go inside ‘yourself, listen to your body and check in making this treasured time even more beautiful.