Why You Should Try Yoga Today?

Yoga is one of those forms of art that is like magic. It may look complicated and impossible at first sight, but it gets easier as you keep practicing. Many people out there feel that yoga is not for them as they haven’t been flexible in their life. Yoga poses are more about balance and peace more than expertise and flexibility. However, it is true that practicing yoga on a daily basis will improve your flexibility. Let us now have a look at five yoga poses that you need to try and are challenging and will give an enormous amount of benefit by constant practice. The immediate effects of these poses are also quite evident. Here are the lists of yoga poses.


It’s a headstand; however, you have to go about the technique in a correct way to explore its full potential. In the yoga community, it fondly goes by the name – the king of yoga asanas as they give us a whole body work out. It increases your brain function and stimulates the endocrine system. We attain clarity of thought and a balance of emotions. The equilibrium helps us get control of our life. It helps you get rid of sleeping disorders and bring peace into your heart.

Ardh Matsyendrasana

It is a twist that gives our spine strength and affects our standing posture too. It also helps us get better control of our breathing and increases the capacity of our lungs. The advantage of this is that more lung capacity means more oxygen in our body that enriches the blood. It fills us with energy and refreshes us. It also helps to increase our flexibility gradually and gives back strength to our joints and hips.


It is one of that yoga poses that is all about balance. Your legs and calves get defined and find more strength. It also helps build your stamina and helps you explore your core and its power. Your shoulders and chest get more stretched out and become suppler. Flat feet can also be cured using this pose and its practice. This pose is not advisable for people with high blood pressure and insomnia. Be careful while you try out each pose and make sure you do not cross your boundaries of health.


Natarajasana is the Lord of dance, and this pose aptly takes name after him. It keeps you in shape and also helps to develop your balance. Once again your core will benefit massively from practicing this pose. It makes your hips and ankles sturdy and stretches your abdominal organs. The pose also affects your mental capacity, increasing focus and concentration by calming down the restless mind.


This is fondly called the crane pose. It is a bit more of an advanced pose. It requires immense strength in your arms and apparently works a lot towards helping you find your core. It increases your physical strength to a great extent and also helps you become more flexible than before. It may seem impossible at first glance but getting to know the technicalities make it much simpler.

Yoga has a lot of secrets that you can gradually unveil. It is not a much-known fact that yoga and Ayurveda have gone hand in hand for centuries. Start your journey into this discovery today and enroll yourself for yoga  teacher training in Goa, India.