STRESS — A severe problem we deal with on a regular basis. This ‘stress’ has its peculiar way of establishing itself into our bodies, even if we pay no attention to it. Isn’t it? Well, with career and money approaching as the primary source of stress, learning how to manage it at the moment is necessary in the world. Hey, again ‘stressing’ about regulating your ‘stress’ levels? Relax! Yoga has the solution. I’m talking about a comforting and relaxing practice – YOGA NIDRA or “yogic sleep” that is capable of handling your stress levels.

So, what is Yoga Nidra? What are the rewards that it provides on spiritual, emotional and physical well-being?

Yoga Nidra is a practice that lets you have access to the land of wakefulness of perception that exists between awakening and sleeping. It has the capability to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system that enables you to go into a state of an ultimate relaxation. This practice is where discipline and the life-force meet. They work together to support you in releasing the strain and pressure that can keep you up and about at night time. Furthermore, it helps in cultivating the quality of sleep that you have. You can learn about this spiritual way of purification by submitting yourself to a Yoga TTC in India.

Still wondering — why would you practice Yoga Nidra?

Well, I’ll tell you that why we need Yoga Nidra now more than ever…

Let’s you have the ‘perfect’ sleep.

By and large, nap that we are adapted to do not relieve us completely. Why? It is for the reason that we carry our regular anxiety, pressures, frustrations, worry, pain, and chaos into our sleep. It results in a little and uncomfortable sleep. As a result, we don’t feel completely relaxed and revitalized when we get up at the daybreak. By practicing Yoga Nidra, you can pass into a sound snooze will fully and keep all your emotional loads and pressures aside. Thus, you attain a deep catnap that gets you rid of old annoying ways and transforms your life brilliantly. That is, we are born afresh!

Overcome your uneasiness with ‘Yoga Nidra’

Quite a lot of people whine that they experience warning signs caused by anxiety and nearly all of them habitually experience psychosomatic syndromes. So, how to overcome such set of symptoms? Well, all you need to do is repose well and overcome your disquiet with ‘Yoga Nidra.’ This earliest ‘tantra’ meditation method lets you have a nap – that is responsive and full of alertness! Yes! You won’t lose your cognizance in this kind of sleep. Owing to this exclusive feature of Yoga Nidra, the practitioner experiences a better physiological renovation, rejuvenation, and rest.

Binds you with the power of awareness

Every human being is a huge store of enormous potentialities. Disappointingly, a lot of us do not know how to disclose this hidden wealth within us. By a fluke, we have Yoga Nidra to our rescue. It is an effective way to connect the power of your cognizance. Thanks to the profound curative effects of the practice, it lets you open the subliminal levels of your mind. It embraces extraordinary potential to treat deep rooted ailments and bring out the inspired prodigy buried within you.

Yoga Nidra – A lot more than meditation

At the end of the day, Yoga is an exceptional practice that is well worth following. It’s easy and safe for any person, from an infant to a golden-ager.  By carrying your consciousness through all the spiritual states into tranquility, it brings on peacefulness, harmony, and clarity. Likewise, some yoga retreat in Goa, India offer essential training that may help you open up new capabilities of your mind. Through its consistent exercise, you can channelize the power of your intuitive mind and convey anticipated ups and downs in your life. Who knows? It might just work right! Getting adequate soothing nap every night is definitely worth giving this moderation process a go. What do you say?