Bhakti Yoga is a lot more than just the route of devotion! Using the power of our spirits, it strives to charge our drive to the ‘Divinity’. This is the track of religious zeal that invites us to submit ourselves to our love for the influences. Conveying a delicate association with the ‘Ultimate Absolute’, it’s a timeless love with the mystic. Providing a deep desire to experience affection, it unites us with an everlasting and ageless power. The Bhakti Sutras elucidate that bhakti yoga is both the ‘means’ and the ‘end.’ Merging us with the divine, it proposes a way to nurture and develop devotion.

Where does the core and essence of Bhakti Yoga lie?

The earliest philosophers of India carved out the lanes to merge with the Divinity. In the process, they understood that not all of us can get into the similar molds. As an alternative to imposing an inflexible model of sanctity, they offered a number of ‘lanes’. Each of these ‘lanes’ allows us to connect with the ‘Divinity’ and the ‘Life’ at large. This helps us in maintaining our individual personalities down the line. These ‘lanes’ are the YOGAS. YOGA – A narrow road of sanctity with the remarkable objective of discovering an amalgamation with the “Ultimate Source”.
Yoga is what connects our ‘Passion’ to the ‘Mysticism’ in an appropriate bond. And, the four lanes of Yoga use our four abilities as its tools:
⦁ Mind

⦁ Body

⦁ Emotion

⦁ Energy

⦁ Gnana Yoga: Striving to attain the state of togetherness through the ‘Spirit’ or cognizance, “Gnana Yoga’ is the ‘lane of intellect’.

⦁ Karma Yoga : Utilizing our body to reach the singular destination, Karma Yoga is the ‘lane of action’. In order to attain the highest state, it involves our body in appropriate action.

⦁ Kriya Yoga: Renovating our drives to attain the goal at hand, Kriya Yoga is a ‘lane of internal action’.

⦁ Bhakti Yoga: Leading to the alleyway of untainted religious fervour, Bhakti Yoga is the ‘path of emotion’. It is the course of falling in love with the ‘Spirituality’.

The Nine Limbs of Devotion

When carrying out Bhakti Yoga individually or together, we need to consider nine main practices. These nine practices are the ‘limbs’ of devotion. Each limb creates a particular bhava or feeling that charms our different inner structures.
⦁ Shravana: This refers to “listening” to the earliest scriptures.
⦁ Kirtana: Kirtana denotes “singing” sacred jingles.
⦁ Smarana: This indicates “remembering” the God.
⦁ Padasevana: This is the “service at the feet” of the Spirituality.
⦁ Archana: Archana embraces the “procedural worship” of the Divine.
⦁ Vandana: This is the “prostration” of the preferred depiction of the Divine.
⦁ Dasya: This is the “unquestioning” devoutness of the Heavenly.
⦁ Sakhya: Sakhya represents the “friendship” and the association.
⦁ Atmanivedana: Demonstrating the “self-offering,” Atmanivedana is the complete submission of the self to the God.

Bhakti Yoga – a lot more than an expression of devotion and religious observance!

So, you are planning to go for a Yoga Teacher Training Course. Why not? After all, bhakti Yoga not just frees the enthusiast from the ‘Samsaric wheel of births and deaths’. In fact, it lets us achieve the unforgettable abode of eternal harmony and ecstasy. How? Take a look:

⦁ letting us attain the state of rasa (essence), Bhakti yoga is a pure bliss.
⦁ By way of the devotional submission to the Divine, it lets us embrace our soul.
⦁ It lets us transform our life from the trivial to the thoughtful.
⦁ By nurturing the values of love, consideration, thankfulness and submission, it explores the self-effacing us.
⦁ It conveys the grace of unrestricted love and insight to our cores and minds.
⦁ By way of the practice, we may turn into the tools of the Divine.
⦁ It relaxes our soul and takes distrust, abhorrence, desire, fury and arrogance away.
⦁ By infusing pleasure and heavenly frenzy, it conveys a path of bliss, concord, and knowledge.

Discharge your fears, disquiets and suspicions by Bhakti Yoga!

Bhakti Yoga is a way to bring the harmony of love and spirits to our lives. Passing a satisfaction to each moment of our life, it makes us way more creative. The philosophy accepts that there exists an omnipotent power that escorts the cosmos. This power has the ability to confer beauty and compassion on us. So, go for a Yoga Teacher Training Course – right now – to protect yourself from all the evils and sins. Carrying all our pains into alignment, this would let us deal with our deepest spirits and power. By submitting all our drives and motives to the Divine Power, we can forsake all our account abilities to the Supreme spirit.