What is Menstrual Cramps?

Almost all ladies experience the ill effects of premenstrual indications sooner or later in their life, and up to 15% of women experience this intense period of pain, called Dysmenorrhea. As the uterus contracts throughout the menstrual cycle, it can cause cramping and pain in the stomach and lower back. This sort of muscle pain is an aftereffect of the uterine muscles pushing against surroundings veins (blood vessels) and temporarily cutting oxygen flow.

Pain occurs in the lower back and lower belly. It starts from 1 to 2 days before the monthly cycle and lasts from 2 to 4 days.


  • Nausea
  • Loose stools
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Pain at thighs
  • Cramp pain in lower back and abdomen
  • continuous ache

Fight against Menstrual cramps.

Janusirsasana– Seated in Easy posture, straight out your right leg, and place the left foot’s base against the right thigh.

– Breathe in the arms up and Lift your sternum as much as you can.

– Breathe out, bend forward from your lower spine and try to Grab your toes for more stretch

– Put your head down towards your knees and slide the right heel away from you. For more stretch in the leg, pull the toes towards you.

– Loosen up the shoulders, neck, and face. Ensure the shoulders are parallel to the floor. Utilize the arms sufficiently to keep the head in contact with the knee.

– Inhale and hold for 3-6 breaths

– To discharge: breath in the arms up over your head, breathe out them to the floor — repeat opposite side.

Child’s pose

– Breathe out and bring down the hips to the heels and head to the floor. Have the knees together or spread the knees somewhat separated.

– The arms can be overhead with palms facing the floor or close by the body with the palms up.

– Inhale gradually and deeply, effectively squeezing the abdomen against the thighs on the breathe in.

– Inhale and hold for 4-12 breaths.

– Slowly inhale up to a seated position.

Cat/Cow Pose

– Hands and knees on the floor. Knees are always under your hips, and your wrists are under your shoulders. Start in a normal spine position, with your back level and your abs locked in. Take a deep inhale.

– Breathe out, round your spine up towards the roof, and think you’re pulling your abdomen towards your spine. Move your chin towards the chest and release your neck

– On your breath in, curve your back, let your abdomen relax. Lift head and tailbone — without putting any unnecessary weight on your neck.

– continue the flow from cat to cow pose or cow to cat pose and synchronize your breath with each movement -inhale for cow pose and exhale for cat pose.

– Repeat for somewhere around ten rounds, or until your spine is heated up.