Decide! The most important factor before taking a jump is apparently deciding about the Jump. Yoga Teacher Training demands an intense level of Commitment and participation, so before initiating research about choosing your perfect Yoga School make sure that you are ready for a strong commitment to yourself. Yoga Training opens up multiple dimensions of your being so be ready to immerse yourself totally in the process.

Be Responsible:

A Yoga Teacher Training is not the end of your life though it is definitely a new beginning. You do not want your family or loved ones to face repercussions of your decision to join the Yoga training. DO NOT stake your livelihood and life resources to join in for a Yoga Training. There is a fragile line between behaving irresponsible & rebellion. Believe me. There is no reference in any of the Yoga scriptures where it says ‘Yoga is about hurting others.’ So be careful, responsible and sensitive towards your beloved ones before you choose your perfect Yoga Center.

Style of Yoga:

Find out which Yoga Style attracts you, so it becomes very easy to narrow down your research to the right Yoga Teacher Training School. Which Style do you practice at home? Who is your favorite modern-day Teacher? It is even possible that you are not an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher or a Hatha Yoga Instructor and you might feel inclined towards Bhakti Yoga or Hasya Yoga. If you don’t know, explore!

Tenure (Hours):

Based on your experience and the reason you are taking up Yoga Teacher Training Course make sure that you choose right Training. If you only want to know a little deeper about Yoga and somehow want to spend your summer holidays doing Intense yoga than, 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training is the best to option for you. However, if you have a firm intention to start Yoga as a business or an alternative career, than 300 Yoga Training or 500 Hours Training works as a great diving board in the pool of Yoga.

Depending upon your choice, choose a place where you feel more home than your own home. Location plays a crucial role in your training. You would want to be surrounded by drug junkies while you are sobbing your heart out after an intense session of meditation. Yoga Training is a wholesome package where you involve yourself “completely” so find a location for yourself where you feel protected and safe.