Living a happy life is the aim of every human, inhabiting the earth. If you are among those who are lost and trying to find a direction in your life, adhere to the Yoga Sutras, and it will never steer you wrong. Written by Patanjali more than two millennia ago, the Yoga Sutras are primarily a journal outlining the eight limbs of yoga. These branches combine to give you a sense of relief and when followed correctly, deliver to you a fulfilling and satisfied life. Yoga is no child’s play. Classical yoga was not as easy to access in the past as it is today. Back then, learning it took commitment and dedication.

Why So Much Ruckus Over Yoga

Learning yoga or being a yoga teacher is not just a hobby or profession. Yoga is a way of life which ensures that you will never feel lost while trudging through life. The Yoga Sutras let you attain a level of spiritual recognition.  This spiritual attention brings you to a point where your mind, body, and soul are in complete sync. You can access your subconscious and program it into helping you become better in all aspects of your life. Yoga will teach you to accept who you are and transform your flaws into strengths. The negativity that plagued you will be wiped clean by the positivity and fresh air that you will find in Sammasati retreat at Goa, India.

Everything about the Yoga Sutras

The Yoga Sutras have Yamas and Niyamas which are more than just moral guidelines. They are the best way to carry out a self-reflection.


Non – violence: Ahimsa

Truth: Sathya

Honesty: Asteya

Control of the senses: Brahmacharya

Being Devoid of greed: Aparigraha


Cleanliness of the entire being: Shaucha

Satisfaction: Santosha

Self-discipline: Tapas

Self-study: Svadhyaya

Surrendering to God: Ishvarapranidhana

The Yoga Sutras define and explain how each and every one of these Yamas and Niyamas is significant. They also teach us how one can master all of them. Even as you read you may be coming to the realization of how you already have mastery over a few. Be a true master of your life by learning in depth about the Yoga Sutras and how to implement them in your life.

Being a Yoga Trainer

In this peaceful haven nestled among the beautiful lands of Goa you will find peace and contentment like no other. Fall into the trance that yoga weaves around you and awaken your senses to yourself and everything around you. Embrace knowledge imparted to you through the teachings of non-violence and love. You may enter these gates as a novice in the language of Yoga Sutras. However, you will emerge as a person well versed in the intricacies of the Yoga Sutras. You will feel confident about yourself and ready to face life head on. Surrender to the changes you are bringing into your life and enrol in the yoga teacher training that we offer. Join us at Sammasati retreat and enjoy your Yoga vacation in the tranquil of Beautiful Goa.

Our certified residential 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training will give you great knowledge about yoga and yoga sutras. You can then impart it onto those who come to you seeking answers and guidance. Come; experience the healing of yoga and the wonders that it can work on your personal and professional life. Pave the way for other lost souls to find their redemption.