“TRANSFORMATION” or the aptitude to ‘transform’ the feelings, vision, and divine energy towards constructing an effective business!  Yes! That’s what’s common among most of the up-and-coming yoga entrepreneurs! This most likely clarifies why some prosper while others struggle. As a yoga teacher, you share your information and talents to help others with practical solutions for stress relief or weight loss. It’s your responsibility to make yoga accessible to one and all, right? But how will you reach those who need you?

Don’t worry! With a slight bit of marketing, you can undertake yoga as business! And, let the cash be the mode of acknowledgment. Why not? After all, there must be a give-and-take system. You don’t want to be a sacrificial victim. Do you? Great communities in India fund and support even the most self-effacing and self-sacrificing Swami Ji; why can’t you?

All you have to do now is, create a community that grows with your talents — and be cherished in return. As simple as that! How? Networking and Marketing! However, the greatest publicity is ‘word of mouth’ or advertising and imparting amazing yoga programs. For everything else, you can take the help of social networking, blogging and digital marketing.  In this article, I’ll let you know that how you can spread the word about your yoga studio by the use of “Internet” networking and marketing.

Digital Marketing: Create an ambiance of ‘Yoga Studio’ – ONLINE!!

The first thing you need to do is to be a tremendous marketer together with a splendid yoga instructor. And, for that what better marketing platform can you get than the Digital Marketing platform? This reasonable publicity tool can assist you in developing your business. With the growing fame of Yoga and the increasing number of workshops opening up every day, whatever thing you do to entice learners is welcome. As a result, digital platform is the seamless avenue, fairly similar to yoga itself. How? Take a look:

Focus on the soul

What’s the only way you get the most out of Yoga? Yes, just focus on your ‘breath’! By the same token, to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy, all you need to do is focus on your “Content.” “Content” is the soul of the complete strategy and needs to be appropriate to your audience.

Long Term Vision

Yoga, at all times, is practiced with a ‘vision’ to attain a healthy life, in fine fettle. For instance, anyone who desires to develop ‘six pack abs’ in a matter of three months must not go for Yoga classes, at all. In the same way, you cannot use Digital marketing sadistically as a means to get fast fallout without unsettling about the ‘long term vision’ while setting yoga as business.

Inner Strength

Yoga emphasizes on developing your inner strength while maintaining poise between your mind and body. In like manner, constructing an external perception in marketing without building a strong inner suit may bring about terrible results.


You need to practice Yoga on a regular basis persistently to the point that you can turn into a Yoga teacher yourself. Same is the case with digital marketing. You might have got yourself on the top search engine results page (SERP) by way of SEO, SEM, SMO or SMM. However, if you leave the steady SEO undertakings after that, you’ll end up losing the rankings in a little while.

Social Media: A fantastic podium for ‘Yogipreneurs’ to gain ‘brand followers’!

Social networking is nothing more than relationship-building. All you need to know is that how to associate, share info and transform your ‘followers’ into your ‘brand promoters.’ Check out the tips on scattering the word about your yoga studio on Social Platforms.

Tip 1: Don’t be a ‘jack of all trades’!

Don’t try to be a ‘jack of all trades.’ If you start hand lining everything from pranayamas to digital marketing and Asanas to SEO you soon have to start taking stress buster classes yourself. As an alternative, involve the zealous group in the yoga community. Pay them well to work for you this way everything will be at a place and you are alive too!

Tip 2: Converse, don’t just advertise.

Social media is not just a marketing cart. In fact, it is an approach to communication. Here, you cannot just share the notices of your services and advertisings, but also your inspirations. Follow the 3:1 policy – ‘For each promotional post, share three totally non-promotional posts.’

Tip 3: Repeat what worked with a twist!

You can use the social media marketing policies that worked for you. Recap what got you positive results but in not the same way, but with a twist.

Tip 4: Grow reach with ‘member advocacy’.

Your posts for yoga as business can get 10X shares on social media by letting your satisfied followers share their positive experiences or comments on your news feeds.

I hope that everyone on Earth may practice yoga!

Yes! After all, who doesn’t want the world to be a happier and healthier place? Yoga is an excellent way to comprehend your energy flows. It is an intensely inspiring practice that individuals from all walks of life can profit from. Unfortunately, 90% of yoga trainers leave the job, in not more than five years of receiving their Yoga Teacher Training certificate! But, not anymore!! By following just a few simple steps to construct your standing as a remarkable yoga teacher and enticing students, you can influence the world in a constructive way. Beyond everything, marketing and advertising are the vital sparks for any business, and yoga business is ‘no exclusion.’